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Deception: The Ease of Lying

Interesting article about lying and the conditions when it’s harder or easier for a person to lie.  Apparently frequent truth telling makes lying more difficult, but frequent lying makes lying easier.  Think of the implications fro the interviewer.

“The ease of lying.”

Verschuere B, Spruyt A, Meijer EH, Otgaar H.z
Conscious Cognition. 2010 Nov 17.


Brain imaging studies suggest that truth telling constitutes the default of the human brain and that lying involves intentional suppression of the predominant truth response. By manipulating the truth proportion in the Sheffield lie test, we investigated whether the dominance of the truth response is malleable. Results showed that frequent truth telling made lying more difficult, and that frequent lying made lying easier. These results implicate that (1) the accuracy of lie detection tests may be improved by increasing the dominance of the truth response and that (2) habitual lying makes the lie response more dominant.

Stan B. Walters, CSP “The Lie Guy®”
Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation®

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