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Sexual Offenders: Pedophiles Case Study

Very interesting case study of Pedophiles.  Notice the conclusions of the study.  In my opinion, it is common in the public, media and other “authoritative sources” to believe that these are one time offenders, that they can be cured.  The results of this study demonstrate that this is a “life long” fixation and behavior pattern.

Pedophiles: A case study
by Dennis J. Stevens

Volume 17, Number 1, 36-51 . 2002


This study characterizes men who have engaged in habitual sexual conduct with children, or pedophiles. This examination is designed as a content analysis using the academic and practitioner press to describe pedophilia characteristics among predators. The sample of three convicted predators is not the focus of this investigation but used to primarily to help operationalize the realities of pedophiles as seen in the literature. All three participants were offenders in a high profile event in the region of the country where they individuals were apprehended, tried, and eventually convicted. The findings indicate that the behavior of most pedophiles is a way of life prior to, during, and after incarceration. One implication arising from this finding is that rehabilitation might be pointless for these offenders. Further research is suggested to determine classification levels of pedophiles in order to best serve the communities these offenders are released into.
We cover suggestions and recommendations for effective interview & interrogation methods and behavior analysis of pedophiles in the Level 3 & 4 Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation® course.

Stan B. Walters, CSP “The Lie Guy®
Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation®

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